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So my usual day off activity is jumping in the van with the dogs and heading up the road to the Clocaenog Forest for a few hours. Its a hidden gem in Denbighshire home to Crossbills, Black Grouse, Red Squirrels, numerous stone circles, hidden waterfalls and an elusive Pine martin. I frequently spend the day having not seen another soul which can be quite nice! My trip today saw me walk out with 15kg of litter in black bags (yes I weighed it). There has been a motor sport event in the forest last week and it appears that this year - again - not all the supporters valued the beautiful surroundings.

Myself, Nick and Tom along with our instructor team spend most of the year spreading the word of sustainability and responsibility to our groups. I would say that the young people we speak to get it, they care and have an understanding of how they impact the world they live in. They are moved by the beauty of the UK's National Parks. After my clear up task in the forest today I was left wondering... Why would you drop rubbish somewhere so beautiful and think thats OK? I wonder if modern lifestyle makes it all to easy to disconnect from the consequences of our actions.

Globally we see atmospheric CO2 rising quicker than ever before, concerning attitudes by the current American administration including the stealth attacks on the US National Park system. Here in Wales there are attempts being made to remove the protection of National Parks by the Welsh assembly and a re-submission of the dam project on the river Conwy.

Right from the start of Epic we have had an environmental policy, but it has been something we wrote and popped in a file. As we grow as a business we are more aware of setting solid foundations that see us running a company we are proud of. We have decided to speak up about our commitment to sound environmental practices so here it is! We believe in taking responsibility, making good decisions and educating the young people we work with. Fancy standing with us?

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